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Perecare Limited Services

Perecare Limited is a care provider that offers tailor-made assistive care to the elderly and disabled persons in the United Kingdom. We assist our clients to live as independently as possible through our tailored and timely approach.

Live In Care

Live In Care

What Is Live In Care

At Perecare a Care Professional is chosen based on your need to provide support and be a companionship to our clients.


In providing this service our live-in care giver will stay in your home to support you with daily activities, with the aim of providing comfort from the serenity of your home.


Care hours are determined by our clients as our services are tailored to meet your needs.

You can be confident that help is at hand.

Responsibility of our live-in caregivers:

Our live-in caregivers help with chores including assistance outside the home:

  • They provide companionship

  • They reside in your home,

  • They help with tasks and chores you need them to.

  • More importantly they become familiar face and a source of company whether it’s cooking a memorable meal, watching a favourite TV programme or reminiscing about the ‘good old days’.

Overnight Care
Considering Live-in Care?

When sickness, disease, or disability causes you difficulty at home we are here to step in. Providing the emotional support and physical assistance that may be required at such times.

Dementia care: Our live-in support system provides familiar surroundings for persons suffering from Dementia. The benefit of being in a familiar environment to a dementia patient cannot be overemphasized as it aids to improve their cognitive function and helps in reducing memory loss.


Loss of a loved one: The loss of a loved one is a hard pill to swallow, the world seems to stand still and it takes some time to adjust, emotionally and otherwise, the need for the presence and companionship of our live-in caregiver can be a much-needed companion and support needed at times like this.

Old age: Ageing gracefully for many may be a myth, not being able to carry out our daily activities with dignity may be emotionally daunting our live-in care provider is there to support you to enjoy the quality of life you have always enjoyed and also give you the confidence you so desire.


Unexpected illness and events: Whether it’s a fall or a sudden illness, one could be susceptible to events that the need for care arises. Professional help will relieve the pressure from you and your family.

Specialist Care
What comes next?

This is where we learn about your situation and discuss options with you that might best suit your needs or that of your loved one.


The first step towards live-in care is arranging a care consultation with us. This is where we learn about your situation and discuss options for you that might best suit your loved one’s needs.


Enter your details in the form below, and we’ll send one of our qualified care managers to your loved one’s home to have a chat with you, and any other relatives about what you believe you need from a care service.


Chances are, live-in care is a new concept to you. That’s why we want to talk you through the different options available and make the best recommendation for your individual circumstances.

Companionship care

Perecare’s companionship service is designed for the elderly and disabled adults living in the United Kingdom. 

This service aims to curb some of the issues of loneliness, as know, loneliness can have an unhealthy effect on a person’s wellbeing.
Many people we support simply wants company others may need help with a daily task or even a companion to attend social functions.

Our companionship caregivers

From giving you a hand with the weekly shop, accompanying you to your doctor’s appointment or to your favourite social group or event, companionship is simply being there for you or your loved one. If you need someone to make sure you are eating healthily or just fancy popping out for lunch? No problem, our Caregivers are there for you.

Companionship Care
Companionship vs Personal Care

Companionship care involves the caregiver lending a supporting hand to our clients, this means we encourage them to achieve set goals and objectives. It could simply be our caregiver being your best friend while cheering you on the realisation of your dreams or sipping a cup of coffee chatting away.

It is simply being there for you or your loved one, this service does not involve personal assistance such as bathing the client, dressing the client, or administration of medications to the client. Instead, our companionship caregiver reminds our clients when it is time to take their medication.

Personal care on the other hand includes both Companionship care and rendering of Personal assistance listed above.

At Perecare, we encourage you to live well and be happy. We believe in aging gracefully and that age should not be a barrier to your adventure, we will help you reignite your passions. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, we will find the right caregiver just for you.
Kindly fill in the form below to leave us your details, and we will be in touch with you, remember we are also a dial away


Let Us Help You Live Your Life Comfortably 

Our team provides high quality care for clients of different ages and in different situations. Let us help you live your life effortlessly.

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