About Pere

With over 17+ years of experience in caregiving, Pere brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to our team. Their dedication to providing personalized, high-quality care sets the standard for excellence in our organisation.


  • 17+ years of experience in caregiving
  • Certified in Level 5 with CQC and Level 5 in Leadership Management for Adult Social Care
  • Trained in elderly care and dementia
  • DBS and Risk Management Course

What Sets Pere Apart

  • Compassionate Approach: Pere understands the importance of empathy and kindness in caregiving. They build meaningful relationships with both clients and their families, fostering a sense of trust and comfort.
  • Expertise: With a deep understanding of various aspects of caregiving, Pere is equipped to handle a wide range of situations with professionalism and skill.
  • Leadership: As our Lead Carer, Pere leads by example, inspiring our team to uphold the highest standards of care. They provide mentorship and guidance, ensuring that every member of our staff is well-prepared to meet the needs of our clients.