Companionship Care


PereCare offers tailored Private Companionship Care for elderly and disabled adults across the UK, addressing the critical issue of loneliness and its impact on wellbeing. Our service ensures that no one has to feel isolated or alone.

What Our Companionship Care Provides:

Whether it’s helping with weekly shopping, accompanying you to medical appointments, or joining you at social gatherings, our caregivers are committed to being there for you or your loved one. Need someone to ensure you’re eating well or just want some company for lunch? Our private carers are just a call away.

Companionship vs Personal Care:

Our private companionship care focuses on social support and light assistance, helping clients achieve their daily goals and enjoy life. This might mean having a caregiver who acts as a friend, cheering you on or simply sharing a cup of coffee and a chat. They remind clients about medication times but do not handle direct personal care tasks like bathing or dressing.

In contrast, our personal care services include everything offered in companionship care plus extensive personal assistance. At PereCare, we’re dedicated to helping you live a vibrant, fulfilling life. We believe that ageing should not limit your experiences, and we’re here to support you in continuing to explore your passions.

Interested in how our companionship services can enhance your life or that of a loved one? Fill out the form below or give us a call to discuss how we can meet your needs with the perfect blend of companionship and care.